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Important Questions about Toxic Shock Syndrome

What is toxic shock syndrome (TSS)?
Toxic shock syndrome is a rare illness caused by a bacteria that affects menstruating women that use tampons with high absorbency. A specific type of staph bacteria causes TSS and extra-absorbent tampons increase the risk of TSS as they help growth of bacteria.

What are the symptoms of TSS?
The symptoms of TSS include a rash resembling sunburn, muscular pain, diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness, and decreased blood pressure that may lead to disorientation and unconsciousness. TSS can lead to shock, liver, and kidney failure if it is not diagnosed in an appropriate and timely fashion. The symptoms and signs of TSS entail that you seek professional medical advice promptly.

What is the treatment of TSS?
Doctors recommend hospitalization for TSS patients and administer antibiotics and intravenous fluids.

Is TSS preventable or avoidable?
Yes, necessary precautions can decrease the risks of TSS and limiting the use of tampons and changing them after every two hours prevents growth of bacteria. Tampons should never be worn overnight to reduce the risks of TSS and women that have been diagnosed with TSS should never use tampons.

What to do if you believe you have TSS?
Whenever you feel feverish, dizzy, and rashes while using tampons, remove them immediately to avoid the symptoms from increasing and seek medical assistance immediately.

General Questions:
What are the payment modes you offer?
We accept cross cheques, Cash on Delivery (COD), Online Bank Transfer, for further details please write your queries to provide you more details as per your query.

What are the delivery mothods to get my order?
We deliver your orders through courier service, once the order is verified we dispatched the order through BlueEx, TCS, Leopard, OCS depends on the location and payment mode choosed.

In how many days I get my product after submission my order?
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