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Product Information:

The only disposable panties that utilize a patented and unique technology to make you feel confident and fresh throughout the day. The panties resemble the comfortable, stylish, and soft standard panties but are fitted with a menstrual pad. The extra-long, super-absorbent pad prevents leaks from the sides, front, and back due to its shape and unique design. The pad does not slip, bunch-up, or leak like usual pads and stays firmly in place irrelevant of your posture and movements throughout the day and night.

This is a breakthrough in female hygiene and enables women to stay fresh, safe, leak proof, and comfortable for up to 12 hours without the need for changing panties or pads. You can use them on heavy-flow days and nights, especially when you do not have the time or energy to change pads regularly and frequently. You can take advantage of the unique panties especially during postpartum, pregnancy, busy days, and traveling. You can easily and efficiently discard or dispose the panties once you have used them by utilizing the exclusive Discreet Toss ‘N’ Go Bags.
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Beautiful design with a chic, sleek, and unique look with excellent softness. The underwear is made with a special spandex thread that bonds with your body comfortably according to your curves.

Pack of 3 UndiePads

Price: Rs. 1799/Pack
Protection: 12 Hours Max. in heavy Days.
UndiePads Pakistan


Excellent style and perfect fit. The east to wear panties are lightweight and comfortable as they are made with a very delicate and soft fabric that enables convenience, comfort, and style.

Pack of 3 PantiePads

Price: Rs. 999/Pack
Protection: 12 Hours Max. in heavy Days.
PantiePads Pakistan